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With Twitch you can chat in real-time with other gamers across platforms while watching your favorite MMO RPGs or strategy games played at top levels of competition for free – no membership required! Watch Livestream gaming videos, Esports, and any IRL broadcast on your Android device! Stream the latest updates from PS4 to Nintendo Switch.

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Exclusive live streaming

Are you a sports fan? If so, then we have something for everyone! Tune into your favorite games and tune out with some live chat to engage in discussions about all things related. Watch the best gamers play Valorant or League of Legends while watching ESports tournaments from around the world like Fortnite Battle Royale; Minecraft Sessions where viewers get exclusive access during live streams by designating which game they want.

Overwatch killstreaks as well as FIFA showdowns that will be played on any given day – no matter what time zone it’s set in because if competitive matches are happening anywhere near them when someone has an idea/feverish dream involving football gameplay being spontaneously improvised.

Game Live Streaming and Chat

Stream content from the biggest games out there, or settle in for nail-biting Esports tournaments with live chat during any gaming broadcast! Connect your favorite streamers to engage on this interactive platform that’s as fun (and informative) as it is social. Watch gamers play single-player titles such as Minecraft, Fortnite & CSGO; multiplayer ones like PUBG Mobile + FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Mode – all while you can talk anonymously through voice control features if desired so no need worry about spamming others who may also be watching just what they’re doing over Skype/Google+, etc., although we recommend using an actual name rather than anonymity when possible.

Join the community

You can now broadcast yourself playing games on Xbox One, build huge Minecraft monuments with nothing more than your Nintendo Switch, and a little imagination! Join the community in discussing sports or music. And don’t forget to check out some of our other awesome features too – like watching friends play Fortnite together as they all battle it out for victory royales around one TV screen without having any opponents get left behind during these battles royale fights by turning off different game mechanics so no matter who wins there will always be someone at least tied up until their next life begins again.


Twitch is the best way to watch and chat about your favorite games with friends, all from one place. Streamers can broadcast their gameplay live or do IMVU interviews in real-time while viewers get access (and opportunities) they otherwise wouldn’t on other platforms such as PlayStation 4!

Dark mode

Twitch also offers unique programming like live streaming art demos that are sure to make for great social viewing parties at home – not just gaming related content anymore either so find what works best for you via Dark Mode if it gets too late during peak hours because this site has got everything covered!


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Twitch App 11.6.0 Update

The new update contains bug fixes, app optimization, and some stability fixes.



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