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U-dictionary is an international dictionary featured by Google Play as one of the best app & self-improvement apps with over 100 million users across 150 countries. It includes Collins Advanced Dictionary, WordNet Dictionary, and more for a total of over 100 languages! You can also translate sentences offline in 58 different languages with this free iOS/Android smartphone application – it’s perfect whether you need assistance translating from English into another tongue or vice versa. And don’t worry about your phone not having an internet connection; all content is stored locally on the device so no data usage during use either at home or abroad…perhaps

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U-Dictionary is much more than a simple dictionary! With U verse, you can translate texts into 108 languages with ease. This app meets your translation needs for studying abroad or working as an international professional – it’s perfect all around and always up to date thanks to our innovative feed system that automatically syncs new definitions on the fly so they’re instantly accessible from any device no matter where you go.

The best part? It only takes about 30 seconds per day (or less!)

Translation in real-time

Want to know what people in other countries are saying? Now you can translate between your favorite languages without ever leaving the comfort of home. Translating has never been easier with Magic Translation’s real-time translation service for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Youtube! With free access to over 108 different language pairs including English/Spanish & French German etc., this app will quickly become a must-have tool when traveling abroad and speaking another culture’s dialect.

Conversations are a great way to get more out of your conversations by understanding them better. Voice Translation Between 49 Accents, 35 Languages

Grammar Check

The grammar check will help you avoid making mistakes when writing in English and it makes sure that everything sounds correct without having any typos or errors appear on paper as long you want to be written with no room for improvement because we have done all those dirty work! Quick Translate from 1 Second Without Opening U Dictionary & Word Lock Screen is another wonderful feature that allows users to translate words they wish directly into their phone’s dictionary app so it’s always available at hand’s reach anytime anywhere just like our offline packages.

Fast and easy to use

The new U-Dictionary is here! It’s easy to get the meaning of any words or sentences in your favorite app with just one click. For example, copy text from Instagram and translate it instantly without having to go back into that particular application—or even close out all other open apps on the phone if you want this translation right now (notice: not available for Android 10+ due). You can also bookmark important phrases so they’re easily accessible at any time later down the line when needed most; review past sessions as well after each session has been completed successfully because word games teach how synonyms are used while playing them to making learning much easier than ever.


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U-Dictionary App 5.0.2 Update

  • The new U-Dictionary 5.0 is now your wonderful learning partner!
  • The design of the app has been completely refreshed with a more modern and tidy look that will make it easier for you to find words in a hurry or take time out from studying specific scenes, depending upon what works best for each individual situation at hand – all without getting distracted by whatever else might be going around them during their day like loud noises (or other distractions).
  • Plus there are special features designed specifically towards helping people who need extra assistance when trying to learn languages quickly such as must-know expressions which can give one instant mastery over phrases used frequently through various conversations even if they’ve never heard these particular speakers.


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