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If you enjoy the independence, flexible hours, and freedom to work on your schedule then consider driving or delivering with Uber. With our app at hand as well as friendly customer support from local recruiters who are there for any questions that may arise during this process – what have been holding back getting started?

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We hope we can change some minds about why it’s so great being an independent contractor!

Drive or deliver

It’s up to you how you want to earn from our app – no other offers the same opportunities! Earn on your terms and decide when, where, and for how long while keeping flexibility in earnings with exclusive features like an Estimator that shows busy times of day/nightly for driving jobs near me (which will save a lot more gas).

Work from anywhere around the world

You can work from anywhere with Uber. Whether you’re in San Francisco, New York, or Austin – we’re available to take your ride!

Instant Pay

You get paid for the things that matter most: time spent driving and delivering food along our routes (and helping out when needed) as well as all of those hours logged on while waiting around at home by yourself doing nothing else but watching TV; not having any kids nor pets in tow either because life’s too short right?! It doesn’t stop there though…you have options when it comes to managing how much money is coming into this world each day through various methods such as Instant Pay which lets drivers cash out 5 times per week rather than just once every day if they want more.


The app uses 2GB of data per month. If you have an active internet connection, navigation can decrease your phone’s battery life because it requires more power than having static images on the screen without constantly refreshing them or moving graphics around the page as ads do with their targeted content placements!


If you have a question, tap Help in the Uber Driver app or visit

Uber Driver App 4.333.10001 Update

We have fixed several bugs and made some performance improvements!



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