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UC Browser is a popular browser with over 500 million installs on Google Play alone. It’s a mobile browser from a Chinese Internet company. It’s available on platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone to name just a few! To date this year alone we’ve seen it reach 100 million global users with StatCounter placing them at number two behind Safari in November 2014 (and ahead of Opera).

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Unlimited users

With more than 600 Million monthly active visitors according to their own statistics, they’re certainly one worth considering if you need an easy way into the mainland China market where privacy restrictions can often make other solutions tricky or even impossible.

Available for every user

The three versions of UC browsers are all available for Android users, including the new Mini release which has been designed specifically to take up less space and work more quickly than other full-sized applications!

The availability of multiple operating systems makes it possible to connect your web browsing experience seamlessly across various devices without sacrificing quality or speed – even if you’re using an iPhone as well as one powered by Symbian OS (which has 300Million combined users).

Cloud compression system

UC browser is designed to use the cloud and compression technology. This allows websites with large files, such as videos or images on each page, so that they can be loaded faster when you’re browsing through them in UC Browser’s tabbed interface. In addition, it has HTML5 web apps for easier access without having had multiple programs open at once from different sources – just one!


It also synchronizes data across devices easily between your laptop/PC running Windows 10-powered computer where everything happens locally via storage spaces enabled above 2TBs (or even alongside a Mac); smartphones using iOS 11 like iPhones 7 plus 8 series Apple Watch 4th generation tablets.

Stable navigation

UC Browser is fast and has stable navigation. With UC Browser does not have this history of “hang”. The browser compresses data, speeds up your internet connection with the help of saving MBs on precious packages while still providing an enjoyable experience for you to browse through different sites or apps without any major problems whatsoever!

Built-in Ad-blockers

It also blocks most annoying ads on main websites which helps our users stay away from them easily by using their settings as well if desired so they don’t disrupt what’s being viewed too much at one time due to constant popping-up messages interrupting whatever action needs attention first before proceeding forward into more content far down the line.

Fast downloads and dark mode

UC Browser is a great way to get the latest and greatest from all your favorite sites, but did you know that UC has several features specifically made for video? Video Downloader can download videos with ease while also being able to use gestures on how you would like them displayed! If downloading at night isn’t too comfortable without an extra light source or two in front of it – there’s our Night Mode which changes colors depending on what period they’re viewing so reading becomes much easier.

OMG Quiz

What is wrong with people these days? UC Browser has a new game called OMG Quiz, and it’s super easy to play. You just need 12 correct answers from you for the player can win millions of cash every day!


  • UC Browser Mini for Android and UC Browser HD for Android Tablet is out now.
  • Check it out for a better experience!


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