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Do you find yourself constantly checking your phone for updates on the latest K-Pop idols? Are you a big fan of variety shows like “Running Man” and want to know when their new episodes come out? With the UNIVERSE app, these things are now easier than ever. You can get notifications from all your favorite artists with just one click! Now that’s pretty cool right!?

Vote for your favorite contestant, and cheer them on to victory!

GirlsPlanet 999 Vote is a game that will test how well you know the contestants in Girls Planet. The topics range from fashion sense to being an expert at taking care of oneself. You can vote as many times as you want until voting closes this Friday night so don’t forget about it and start cheering for all 99 participants now!


Don’t miss the newest and freshest content on UNIVERSE ORIGINALS! Watch TV shows, listen to radio programs with your favorite artists as they collaborate, or take a look at photos from their latest performances. There’s always something new waiting for you here – so don’t forget to check in daily!

Record your fandom activities and collect rewards! That’s right, customizing their own experience has never been easier. From purchasing albums to streaming on music apps like Spotify or Apple Music, finding the best concert tickets for our favorite bands by following them on social media- all these fan engagements are tracked in UNIVERSE. The more you engage with COLLECTION products, the better access you’ll have to exclusive content from artists we support such as a backstage tour of One Direction before they start touring again this fall!


Get closer to your favorite artists anytime, anywhere with Private Messages. You can schedule a morning call or a good night greeting with the AI voices of these famous singers developed using their real voices!

It’s time to play with your favorite artists’ characters. With the help of motion-capturing and body scanning, you can experience new kinds of fun! You can style them how you want, create music videos featuring their artistry—the possibilities are endless for what kind of creative expression this will bring out in people like yourself who love drawing or painting programs that allow edits from photos too.

The creators have made it easier than ever before through technology advancements such as these to unleash one’s creativity on a whole different level now possible without requiring any more expertise by way other than having an artist’s profile uploaded into the program which is available anywhere online nowadays…


Create your content and get benefits! You can also make dance covers, fancams, fan art (and so much more) to show how much you love the artist. Share it on their PLANET for KLAPs points that will help you move up in rank from UNIVERSE level 1 to UNIVERSE 10 where they give out exclusive rewards like signed merch or a personal meet-up with them at one of their concerts.

UNIVERSE is a revolutionary app that will revolutionize the way we interact with our favorite artists. Rather than watching them perform on TV, you can now get much closer to your favorites through UNIVERSE! With this one-of-a-kind application, every time you buy tickets or stream their music in another country – all of those sales and streaming count as money for the artist!



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