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UNO!™, is celebrating 50 years of fun family and friends memories with this official classic card game. You can now play UNO on your mobile device no matter where you are whether at home or on the go to stay in touch with loved ones. There’s always something for everyone- from newbies to veterans alike – so be sure not to pass up an opportunity for a memorable time playing #UNOSongProject The UNO!™ Song Project is a perfect opportunity to come up with an original song. If you win, there’s the grand cash prize and participating in our online award ceremony as well.
Ready. Set. UNO!™

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Once you download the app, you can play UNO! with your friends. Choose from a variety of house rules to compete together in real-time matches and tournaments. Unlock rewards by winning events or leveling up; use them to buy new power-ups that will help give yourself an edge over other opponents too busy playing a classic card game on their phone instead of having fun with us here at Uno Friends™!”
Connect with friends and family from around the world in UNO!™ Clubs where you can play endlessly, chat 24/7, or just keep up on what’s happening back home. Celebrate 50 years of fun by playing one round for each year of your life until 2021 while also being a part of the upcoming events to usher in this milestone anniversary.

Connect anytime, anywhere with family or friends from around the world through UNO!™ clubs – connect via Skype if they are not available next door so that no matter when during the day it is (busy at work? Just waking up?) there will always be someone waiting to talk about their recent trip abroad or last night’s party across town.


The Classic Game at your Fingertips
New to UNO!™ or wanting to play the classic card game? Tap Quick Play and start up a new game with rules from the old school.

  • Rule Your Room:

In this mode, you can invite friends over for some family-friendly party games where it’s free and easy for anyone who wants to join in on an entertaining time.
Get a friend or family member and battle together in 2v2 mode. Help each other reduce your hand to zero as quickly as possible to beat the opposing team!
UNO!™ is the perfect card game for when you want to connect with your friends and family. Play in clubs, chat during matches, and share strategies – it’s all about having fun together. Join a tournament or special event today- if you win, there are tons of rewards waiting for you!
Go Wild – No, REALLY

  • Wild card mode

The wild mode of the game is about as wacky and crazy as UNO!™ gets. Forget about classic mode- house rules on, two deck play, and free winnings up to 200 times what you put in! But beware: this no-holds-barred game type offers a big reward for winning or going home empty-handed (with nothing)! Will you be able to handle such an intense challenge?


The UNO!™ App just got a whole lot more exciting with the new All-in mode. With this faster, 1v1 gameplay you’ll never be bored again. And the even better news is that The UNO Song Project will soon open on September 5th so stick around and vote for your favorite song to make it into the game in honor of our 30th-anniversary celebration!
UNO’s trip to Japan is about to be unveiled, with the Kyoto map opening on September 1st. The ranks have been tweaked too- you can now see your UNO ROAD trophies in ranked mode and Pass as well! You’ll also notice our new interface that includes phrases and emojis for a more personalized experience.

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