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Viber is a free app that lets you chat and make video calls with ease! You don’t even need to sign up or go through annoying tasks. Just download it from the play store, connect your account by entering text verification code in settings (no phone numbers), start chatting or calling family members right away for absolutely no cost whatsoever other than cellular data charges if any apply where available.

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Gather your friends and family members

Group Chats are the ideal way to keep in touch with friends, family, and coworkers. Create a group chat for up to 250 members! Group chats are perfect if you want to discuss your favorite movies or share photos from events like weddings on this one app that can replace text messages & phone calls anytime anywhere at no charge whatsoever just send free IMs (instant messages), stickers, and GIF videos.

Secure and safe messaging

Thanks to end-to-end encryption, which is on by default in all private and group chat messages you send make their way from your device directly through a code only the recipients can translate. This means no one but them will be able to read what was said during that conversation!

Self-destructing messages

With self-destructing messages, you can send disappearing chats in your 1on1 conversations by setting a timer for each message. Choose how long the recipient has to read it – 10 seconds or up to 1 day before it disappears!

Loads of cute stickers and much more

Express Yourself via sticker sets containing anything imaginable – joyfulness, happiness; sadnesses including rainbows & snowmen…even love hearts! With over 55,000 stickers that await you on your journey of exploring new emotions. Join or start a community for unlimited members where chat features allow people from different interests to come together in one space without barriers. You get more control than ever before as well as some innovative conversation modes like “Call My Shot” which lets users take charge when it comes time for group chats about topics they care deeply passionate about–you can’t go wrong there.

Connect with non-Viber users

Now you can read and respond to messages on your watch! Receive voicemails, see incoming calls scroll through using Viber. Call landlines or any non-Vibe users without internet service with this app’s low-cost international calling plans.


Viber Out Subscriptions are great for calling a specific destination without paying the expensive international call fee. If you purchase one month of subscriptions through Google Play, it’ll be charged to your account when confirmation happens so make sure enough time remains before renewal!

The best part about this service is there’s no need to worry anymore because they’ve got all your bases covered; just select what type of subscription (weekly or monthly) and how many minutes in between renewals.

Viber App Update

The new update auto-backup your photos and videos along with your chats. Restoring things is easy when you change your phone/device. Now you can see up to 6 people on the call screen. The video call can be minimized so that you can multi-task easily.


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