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WhatsApp Business is a useful tool for businesses to have an efficient way of communicating with their customers. It also helps them grow and expand into new markets while maintaining customer relationships by giving more personal attention than traditional methods allow.

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If you’re running your own business, there are two ways that it can work: either on the basic version which comes installed onto devices; or through paying extra money (though in this case, all messages sent will be encrypted).

WhatsApp Business has several features to help businesses communicate with their customers. These include:

  • Business profile: Create your profile for the company so people can find it easily and contact you directly via messaging tools available in WhatsApp, such as Away messages or voice calls when using landline/fixed-line support
  • Business Messaging Tools (Beta): Chat them up! With this feature beta version, send interactive responses back-and-forth between two parties who are not exactly facing to face; just click on what they type


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