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With Whatta Tracking List everything can be monitored by just adding one number through our app for Android/IOS (WhatsApp). The moment they add this new contact will immediately start tracking so we’ll have an idea who their friends might become or other important details leading into adulthood such as time spent online etcetera.

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Gathers data online and offline

You can even close the app and it will still gather all data offline. The only thing you need – is a stable Internet connection for your phone, no matter if it is on Wi-Fi or Mobile Data plan! This means that with a simple tap of your finger in any location where there are cell towers (e.g., at home), tracking begins to occur without an internet connection needed whatsoever. It doesn’t matter how far away from civilization one may be either; just make sure not too many people have access since we’re trying hard here not to let anyone get invaded by marketers’ calls.


The Whatsapp Tracker is a service that provides the following features:

  • Online/offline activity of family members;
  • Number of contact from all over the world;
  • Detailed reports 24/7 tracking time.


It does not abuse WhatsApp’s privacy policy and terms of use.

It does not hack your account in any way.

Instant access and notifications

Get the notifications on your WhatsApp account, so you know when someone’s checking out your profile. With our Tracker app for Android devices and iPhone users alike; get instant access to their activity history without them ever knowing they were being tracked!

Whatta App 1.32 Update

The new update contains added analytics framework, app stability, and improved notification delivery.

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