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Are you looking for a way to save money while shopping? Wildberries is the perfect app with over 37,000 brands and 80 million products that are all available at one convenient location. Plus they offer discounts just for customers who come infrequently or use their mobile site before making an order online. You won’t regret downloading this awesome thing called wild berries – download today!

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Everything under one roof!

Wildberries is a constantly expanding store that stocks everything you need. From clothes, shoes, and baby products to electronics and appliances; Wild berries has it all! They also offer pet supplies as well as other miscellaneous items for repairing your house or apartment indoors like sporting goods- even if they don’t have what’s on their shelves now there will always be something new coming in soon enough so check back often because life needs some variety right?

Affordable prices

We’re always investing in new ways to offer you the best prices. We want our customers happy and we never get tired of making their lives easier so they can shop with us as often as possible!

We have a flexible system for discounts, which means that every time there is an opportunity where someone could save money on one thing or another (like now), this will be communicated via email right away – without missing out ever again.

Delivering worldwide

We deliver orders not only across Russia but also to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia. You can place an order with delivery by courier branded pick-up point or even at the checkpoint if you like! We value your comfort here so we make sure that our couriers will take care of it all for a smooth process.

The Wildberries app will make your shopping experience more fun and profitable.

Download it now!


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