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WPS Office is an all-in-one office suite that integrates Word, PDF, Excel & PowerPoint in a single package. It’s compatible with MS 365 but free of basic functions and smarter than other suites because it can work perfectly well with Google Classroom, Zoom Slack, or Drive.

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Features of WPS Office:

  • Powerful office suite on your Android device- using templates to start editing your budget, presentations, resumes documents, and other files; tools used for converting and processing document PDFs images.
  • Easily create edit share word docs collaboratively in real-time
  • Free PDF reader that can open, view, share, and comment on PDFs anywhere and any device
  • Convert all office documents (Word/Text/Excel) to pdf format.
  • Can scan paper documents as well as convert images into pdf format.
  • Support for annotation in a document with the ability to add watermarks!
  • WPS Cloud allows users to simultaneously edit Office documents via computers or smartphones that are saved directly into the cloud so they’re always available wherever there is Internet connectivity. Simply save files onto third-party cloud storage sites like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box Evernote, and OneDrive for easy access later without needing a hard drive!

WPS Office now offers Cloud Storage

Our solution offers 1GB free cloud storage for your documents, offers online editing and sharing of files with colleagues on Android devices. It’s really easy to build a team that can use the clouds as their filesystem by just joining our app using WIFI or NFC – so no extra work is needed! You will also be able to share office documents through some other channels like email, instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp/Telegram/Facebook Messenger, etc., Twitter DMs, DLNA (for TVs), Gmail attachments.

Our software solutions offer you more than enough space for storing all kinds of data in the sky where every android device is connected at any time over wireless networks. And it’s simply done without even having to move an inch!

Download now!

Now, anyone can download WPS Office for PC or Mac free of cost by visiting the links given. This amazing productivity suite is equipped with all the basic office tools like word processing, spreadsheet creation, and editing along with presentation building capabilities as well!

For more information regarding its functionality check out our support page here.

Now available for both PCs and Macs, please visit instructions on how to get started using it today

Support page:

WPS Office App 14.8.1 Update

Version 14.8.1 of the WPS Office app has arrived!

It brings with it several changes and new features, including:

  • Decompress files now support cloud storage.
  • New eye protection mode for different reading situations (e.g., nighttime).
  • Powerpoint presentations can be marked up during playback.

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