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YouTube Kids was created to give kids a more contained environment that makes it simpler and fun for them to explore on their own while making it easier for parents or caregivers of children aged 13 years old or younger. This app is also useful in protecting the innocence of young viewers by filtering out content unsuitable for minors.

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A safer online experience for kids

YouTube Kids makes it easier to keep kids safe online by using a mix of automated filters, human reviews, and feedback from parents. You can also customize your family’s experience with features like turning search on or off while watching YouTube Kids on TV.

Parents can check their child’s history with the ‘Watch it Again’ feature.

Customize your child’s experience with individual profiles

YouTube has created individual experiences for each child with their unique settings. The options are “Preschool” (4 & under), “Younger” (5-7), or “Older” (8+).

If you want to handpick the videos your child watches, select “Approved Content Only” on YouTube Kids. In this mode, search is unavailable, and approved content must be selected on a mobile or tablet before it will reflect on all devices with YouTube Kids.

All kinds of videos for all kinds of kids

All kinds of videos for all kids learning how to build a model volcano or make slime are available at our library. It ignites your child’s inner creativity and playfulness, covering their favorite shows, music & more!

What are some other important things to note when using YouTube Kids?

YouTube kids have a lot of information that is good for parents and guardians, but it may not be perfect. For one thing, your kid will see videos from creators who have made content that isn’t paid ads as well as those with commercial content. Also, if you use the app without signing into a Google account then the regular privacy notice applies instead of this special version created just for YouTube Kids specifically due to its inability to require parental consent before any data collection occurs on the device where youtube kids were downloaded.

YouTube Kids App 1.12.02 Update

Bug fixes and stability improvements



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