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YouTube Music App is a place where you can listen to thousands of songs from all different genres that are perfect for every moment! You’ll be able to find everything that suits your taste, whether it’s rap; country Western music, or pop tunes! It also connects with other apps like Spotify so users don’t have to repeat anything else they need to experience a complete audio library on their phones.

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Personalized music

Personalized playlists and Mixes are made just the way you like them. With a free mobile app that allows users to create their songs from scratch or collaborate with other artists in an online community by voting on what they want to be mixed as well! You can also save favorite artist performances so when inspiration hits it won’t be hard at all to get back into your groove again thanks to this amazing app. 

Latest hits

Stay up to date on the latest music by subscribing to a Youtube channel that has all of your favorite genres. There are also curated mixes for you, such as “Discover Mix” and New Release Mix – perfect if they’re hard-to-find songs from artists like Cardi B or Travis Scott! Explore top charts from around the world in each playlist so it’s easy just jump into what sounds good at any given time.

Listen to your fav hits on the go!

The best part of the app is that you can listen to all your favorite songs while driving or doing other tasks. It’s never been easier than this! 

YouTube Music Premium

Upgrade to Music Premium today and enjoy ad-free listening, access your downloads including smart ones! Plus we’ll let you switch seamlessly between audio and video with YouTube.

YouTube Red, Music Premium, and Google Play Music subscribers can get free trials of other YouTube platforms. Movies/TV shows are available for download on popular devices like the Nintendo Switch or Playstation 4 as well!

YouTube Music App 8.29.9113-1.W Update

YouTube Music is replacing Google Play Music! But don’t worry, this change won’t happen overnight. You can transfer your library to YouTube Music now!



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