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YouTube Vanced has all of these features that you’ve been longing for like background playback and downloading videos offline! If you don’t have a premium membership yet though; make sure to get Youtube Vanced instead because with ads in your favorite content is unbearable- especially when they’re shown at short clips throughout long videos too often as well.

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Built-in Ad blocker

YouTube’s advanced features are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite videos on any device. With a built-in ad blocker, background playback, and force HDR mode you can have an immersive experience with only YouTube as a soundtrack; pinch-zoom in or out for all devices while simultaneously casting a video – then switch back again without leaving what matters most – saving time! Secondary themes allow switching between different looks tailored especially just for this platform.

Picture-In-Picture Video

Picture-In-Picture Video allows viewers to watch something else at once such as news headlines during sports highlights which makes multitasking easier than ever before (or even side gigs); Preferred Resolution & Speed gives people ultimate control over their viewing experience so they don’t have to deal around bandwidth limitations set by ISPs anymore.

Everything that you’d need is here!

It’s not easy to find the right app that can give you everything, but this is it! It comes with a few different options so everyone will have something great. From root or non-root access and Magisk if they want even more control of their device than before. You’ll be able to use YouTube Vanced too without any problems at all thanks in part to MicroG installation which means fewer caches keeping things fast as ever online while also securing yourself against malicious software like Petya/WannaCry, etc.


Magisk is a clever piece of software that allows you to do something most phone manufacturers don’t want their customers doing- namely, installing custom ROMs. There are three ways in which this module can be installed using magisk; through its repository on Google Play or App Store (recommended), by enabling “Install via Magisk” from the settings file within the root installer’s folder(third option), or downloading modules released publicly at Download Mirrors website as I did here today!


To get rid of YouTube updates and auto-update, completely uninstall the app in the Google Play store. You’ll be able to see it if they are updated through your system partition though!


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