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ZEDGE™ is a free application that gives you millions of cool backgrounds, ringtones, and more for your phone. You can search through over 1 million live wallpapers or choose from one of the many HD photo collections to make it yours!

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Bring up the wallpaper game!

Have you ever felt bored of the same old background? Are all your screens mirroring one another and feeling a bit stale. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that could change it every now and then, so we always had something new to look at! Well guess what–that’s exactly why I made this website: To help keep things interesting on our device with endless options for backgrounds. The variety in HD resolutions is enough reason alone; not only do they have a black phone or girly wallpapers but also 4K pictures too which means when someone takes their fancy smartphone into work tomorrow morning (or even right now!).

Live wallpapers

Imagine having cool video effects as background on your home screen. It’s possible with our live wallpaper, which doesn’t drain the battery or take up storage space! You can even customize individual contact ringtones and alarm sounds for just one tap away from any device in the palm of your hand – no need to install new apps anymore because we embedded this feature right into “Free Ringtone”. Get all those endless hours back that feel like they’re being spent scrolling through pages upon pages looking at different types of tones until finding something you might enjoy listening to instead (or not). There’s also an option so users won’t receive unsolicited calls when their default tone is selected.

Wide range of alarm clock tones and notification sound

Our large selection of notification sounds and alarm clock tones will have you covered for any occasion. You can also set a custom sound or wallpaper that is saved in your favorites without having the need to download them individually! Check out all these great additions: Receive Valentines Day wishes on limited edition holiday wallpapers, new years celebrations with our “new year” icon backdrop (and other cool customization options).

Permissions required

1) You can set individual ringtones for contacts in your address book, photos/media files, or storage to allow you to save and use a custom wallpaper.

2) The system settings let’s apply personalized recommendations based on where they’re from;

3) Location options will help consumers find nearby places that match their tastes more accurately than before (if selected).

ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones App 7.18.0 Update

You can discover more exciting and cool wallpapers, ringtones, and much more, easily and fast now. Minor issues have been fixed too.



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