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It’s time to play together in ZEPETO Worlds! ZEPETO is the ultimate customization destination for all your avatar needs. With millions of items to choose from, you will be able to stay up-to-date with what’s trending in everyday life and express yourself as an individual!

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Customize your Avatar now!

Explore a limitless variety of maps from the virtual classroom, imaginary world, or somewhere else entirely! Don’t forget about hang out where you want and bring on some friends for an online party with games that are fun no matter how old they make your kids feel – because there is nothing more important than making people happy right? Let’s try this game called “ZEPETO” which gives players’ avatars special outfits so they can take pictures like celebrities would do while preparing themselves before going on stage at their concerts.

Send DMs, chat, and share stories to stay connected. You’ll find plenty of Crews for the crew that is right for you!

ZEPETO lets you design your items and worlds. You can even make clothing from scratch, or create different types of maps for those who prefer something more traditional! It’s time to unleash the creative genius in all of us by using these amazing tools. ZEPETO has everything one could need when going down this new exciting path.

ZEPETO App 3.5.3 Update

Now you can invite your friends to ZEPETO. Moreover, there are now rewards for signing up!

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