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Fight against the undead hordes and save humanity from destruction in Zombie Age 3. Choose your favorite character, outfit them with awesome weapons, then go on a rampage to mow down zombies using an arsenal of deadly moves like headshots and powerful blows? Or maybe you prefer playing as some sort of bionic warrior instead! There are lots more ways for players to enjoy their zombie slaughtering experience than ever before: choose your style now!

You know all about survival in a zombie apocalypse. But now you’re getting your butt handed to you by the undead left and right, day after day. You won’t make it two days like this!

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It’s time for a new strategy; go on offense instead of defense if want any chance at surviving through these dark times. Partner up with other survivors so that way when one goes down they can pick another person up even if it means sacrificing yourself sometimes too.

Zombie slaughter is always fun, but you can now do it in more ways than ever before. Play co-op with your friends to combine forces and take out the zombies together. Experiment with different weapons that suit your playstyle until you find one that fits just right for slaying these undead beasts! With 20+ characters to develop into, each playing a unique role on the battlefield, collect them all so they can help protect humanity from death’s shadow. You’ll also have 10 game modes to choose from – some are easy… others will put even experienced players’ skills on trial!


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