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Ready for a thrilling online multiplayer survival battle royale adventure? Zooba presents you with the opportunity to join the battlefield and fight your way through hordes of zombies. The free-to-play MOBA is simple, fast-paced, and action-packed!

You should choose your favorite animal characters. You will play as them moving around the world to fight enemies and win prizes along with upgrading their abilities to be even stronger in upcoming battles.

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Multiplayer Survival Arena

Battle it out in this free multiplayer survival arena! You can win prizes and upgrade your characters. The stunning graphics will keep you hooked to the game, so stay tuned for updates on new features, arenas, modes of play, etc., as well as special events designed just for our players like prize giveaways. Make friends along the way by playing with them online or invite some over via Facebook to enjoy all these exciting features together!

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Downloading the game makes it more fun and exciting to play, especially since there are unique modes that make the gameplay interesting! Additionally, this is an online multiplayer battle royale game so all players can join in on epic battles without limits or restrictions. Download Zooba for endless hours of free multiplayer survival experience.

Zooba App 3.4.0 Update


Our summer skies are back, and this time with a new addition! This update also brings a new device icon!

New Skins and more are available!


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